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How to identify receptionists need to know

The identification of the right guests is the basis for the reception staff to actively meet the needs of guests, thereby helping the hotel “score” on the quality of service. ezCloudhotel would like to share some of the characteristics of the guests to the hotel reception staff for reference.

People go bad

  • Wear a vest, dress like a businessman, bring a laptop, use a tablet and hold the smartphone.
  • Read newspapers, business magazines, read reports …
  • Almost arrive at the hotel at noon and evening, leaving the hotel early in the morning.
  • Scheduled to fly or fly from the major commercial cities such as London, Tokyo, New York, New York, Singapore …
  • Average length of stay of visitors to work range from 1-3 days.


  • Find a stable and fast Internet connection, to access your email.
  • Basic office services center (such as copy, print, fax …).
  • Travel charger for your phone / iphone / ipod / ipad.
  • Wifi in the hotel is able to connect with many other devices.
  • International newspapers and magazines.
  • Often eat breakfast early and healthy / the business guests usually eat breakfast very early.
  • There is a work space and an inspirational work environment.
  • Meals, lunches and dinners are served in a well-ventilated area.
  • The service is fast and efficient, invoicing requests are accurate.

Family guests

  • Travel with children, family and loved ones.
  • Visiting relatives / attending a wedding or special meeting.
  • Average stay is 4-5 days, and guests usually make reservations through the travel company or delegation.


  • Sofa bed, baby crib, extra towel.
  • Separate rooms with connecting door.
  • Special menu for children.
  • Babysitting service in the hotel
  • Swimming and play activities for children
  • Suggest fun spots like amusement parks, zoos, city tours, activities on the sea.
  • Requires special care if accompanied by parents or grandparents.


  • Dress in double or wear fashionable clothes.
  • Honeymoon couples come from abroad, or indigenous people want to rent birthday parties or celebrations.
  • Average days stay 1-2 days (usually on weekends) or the couple honeymoon usually 3-4 days. (almost a stop for the next tourist destination).
  • Early booking, special arrangement and full amenities in room.


  • Full facilities in the room (cake, wine, chocolate, gift).
  • Looking forward to special attention from guests arriving at the hotel.
  • Recommend beautiful restaurants, beach activities or attractions in the city.
  • Room service is available.
  • DVD player in room, or rent DVD / Wii / XBox …
  • Private space is needed.
  • Often depart late.

Guests go shopping for entertainment

  • Wear fashionable clothes or designer clothes
  • Guests can come from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, USA.
  • Ask about the shopping area, bring lots of shopping bags during your stay at the hotel.
  • Average stay in hotel from 3-4 days.


  • Guests will be interested in information about shopping centers, shops, galleries, city maps, area information or the surrounding area.
  • More space for luggage, hangers, bathroom amenities …
  • Seeking discount hours / afternoon tea for entertainment
  • Swimming pool and other leisure activities in the hotel.
  • Looking forward to the offer of luxury and famous restaurants.