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Check Out Check Out In Hotel

Along with check-in, check-out is a daily process in the hotel that the reception needs to do during their shift. Knowing how to make the reception work smoothly, quickly, save time. Not only the reception or answering questions of customers, the Receptionist is also responsible for the check-in procedures, check-out takes place during his working […]

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15 basic English sentences for basic housekeeping needs to know

When serving rooms for foreign guests, room staff are required to communicate with guests in English. So what types of sentences are commonly used in this case? ezCloudhotel would like to share 15 basic English sentences for basic reference. The Housekeeping English Form is often used –Chào buổi sáng/ buổi chiều ông/ bà. Tôi có […]

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How to identify receptionists need to know

The identification of the right guests is the basis for the reception staff to actively meet the needs of guests, thereby helping the hotel “score” on the quality of service. ezCloudhotel would like to share some of the characteristics of the guests to the hotel reception staff for reference. People go bad Wear a vest, […]

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